A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is an infection that can be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact (exchange of semen, vaginal fluid, blood or other fluids). A blood borne infection is transmitted through contact with infected blood. Blood borne infections (BBI) are transmitted by contact with contaminated blood.  Some infections (for example HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C) may be transmitted through both sexual and blood borne transmission.


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Where to get testing?

HIV only

HIV antibodies may take three to six months to appear in the blood. It is recommended to wait approximately three months after being exposed before getting tested. If you get tested before and the results are negative, you will need to be tested again later to be certain that you do not have HIV. To get tested:

Consult your family doctor


Consult an afterhours clinic


Contact the Anonymous Testing Clinic (Public Health) (506) 869-6907*

*Please note that this phone is only answered between 9 am and 5 pm. There is no voicemail or phone message during off hours. This service is for HIV testing only.


STIs Testing

When going for testing, specify if you want to be tested for HIV and Hepatitis C as the doctor might not test for it unless they believe you are in the high risk group. Testing can include a blood or urine sample. You will need to make a follow up appointment for results. To get tested:

Consult your family doctor


Consult an afterhours clinic such as:

  • Primacy- Main Street Family Medical Clinic : (506) 854-8805. 165 Main Street, Moncton
  • Primacy – Trinity Medical Clinic : (506) 854-0133. 89 Trinity Drive, Moncton
  • Salvus Clinic (if you have no family doctor): (506) 384-7284. 22 Church Street, Suite T190, Moncton
  • Sexual Health Clinic (Under 19 y/o only): (506) 856-3310. 81 Albert Street, Moncton


For more locations:


Most STIs have little or no symptoms; the only way to know is to get tested!