Mission Statement

AIDS Moncton’s focus and mission is to improve the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Values Statement

AIDS Moncton Inc. firmly believes in:
Quality of life for the persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

  • The provision of services respectful of clients’ identified needs
  • The respect of human beings regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status
  • A competent and dynamic leadership focused on a clear direction for the organization
  • Interpersonal communication and teamwork based on mutual respect, confidentiality, trust, openness, integrity and loyalty
  • Being accountable for its mission
  • Managing resources effectively and efficiently by respecting established priorities

What support programs and services are available?

  • Referrals
  • Subsidized Housing
  • Access to Workshops
  • Treatment and health promotion information
  • Support for persons living with HIV/AIDS

What prevention work do we do?

    • Peer Education training
    • Workshops on the following topics: homophobia; sexual orientation; and how to create safe environments for LGBTTQ youth.
    • Education/prevention materials
    • Information Line (506) 859-9616 (during office hours)
    • Resources such as brochures, posters, videos, etc.
    • Awareness Campaigns
    • Youth peer education materials
    • Prevention Education Presentations for schools, churches, businesses, and other community organizations upon request
    • Information Displays
    • Condom distribution
    • Needle Distribution Service