GenderBread Person Version 3.3

Shout Out Booklet

Trans Myths

LGBTQ: Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identities (short version) - Youtube

Creating Safe Spaces

parents, Service Providers, and allies

New Brunswick LGBTQ Inclusive Education Resource

Planned Parenthood - Parenting LGBT and Questioning Kids At a Glance

Being an Effective Trans Ally

 - Tips on being Trans Inclusive

Being a Supportive Peer or Co-Worker

Creating a Welcoming Environment

Creating Safe Spaces for LGBTTQ Youth (manual)

Gender Identity in Schools

Sexual Orientation in Schools

Gender Specific & Gender Neutral Pronouns

Transitioning on the Job

Supporting an Employee in Transition

Washrooms and Change Rooms

Trans Myths

Transgender 101 Pamphlet

Your Rights as a Trans Person

GenderBread Person Version 3.3



Guide For Middle Schools and High Schools - New Brunswick LGBTQ Inclusive Education Resource


Other helpful resource sites

UBU Atlantic: Transgender Support & Action Group in collaboration with Salvus Clinic

Pride in Education - Promoting LGBTQ inclusion in New Brunswick Schools

Greater Moncton River of Pride

Egale - Canada Human Rights Trust

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Catalyst - Support and advocacy group at Mount Allison University for sexual and gender minorities and their allies

UnSurDix - University of Moncton Student Association

Creating Safe Spaces

PFLAG - Supports, educates and provides resources to anyone with questions or concerns

Alter Heros

Intersex Society of North America